Saturday, 20 April 2013

Test results of Adafruit's NEW 12V peristaltic pump!

Product photo from (don't sue me)

This is a great little pump! It's positive displacement and self priming. The best part is, it's reversible!
In the vid, we use this pump to actuate a syringe plunger back and forth.

Out of the box it'll provide 1.3 Bar of pressure (19 PSI for our American friends). We used hook-up wire to clamp the tiny tubes and got it up to 1.8 Bar (26 PSI). On a 1" diameter syringe (a big one) that's enough pressure to lift nearly 10 kg!!!!

Arduino controlled hydraulic robot anyone?

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  1. can you provide more details on roller diameters, inner diameter of the casing where pipe will be squeezed. I want that for theoretical calculations for my final year engineering project as I am thinking to get this pump but can not find dimensional details.
    It would be a huge help.